We are on an automatic payment system. Tuition is billed monthly and drafted on the 1st of the month, regardless of classes missed. A $20 late fee will be applied by the 5th for declined cards.If your team athlete is injured and is required to reduce their practice time to less than 25% or less than 3 events for a month or more; then you may request injury tuition. A doctor’s or physical therapist’s note is required to notify us of the injury restrictions, and also when they are released back to more than 3 events. Injury tuition is granted when the Head Coach gives final approval. Injury tuition is only given a month at a time, so if you need it for more than one month it is your responsibility to notify the office manager each month you still need it. Injuries must be communicated within 2 weeks of an injury or you will not receive a prorated price.  Prorated price is half of your current tuition fee. For families with more than one child enrolled you will receive a discount on the lesser tuition’s, excluding discounted special classes. Separate accounts will not be setup for divorced parents.


Make-up classes must be done within 2 weeks of your missed class and set up with the office.  No refunds or prorates will be given for missed classes.


When leaving our program please fill out a withdrawal form 2 weeks before the 1st of the month. Written notice and account balance paid in full before the 1st of the month to be officially dropped from the program. If you choose to drop midway through a month refunds are not given.

Annual Registration Fees

Individuals:          $20.00

Family Fee:          $30.00

Team Fee:           $55.00

Arrival and Dismissal

For safety we ask that your child is no more than 10 minutes early and picked up promptly after class.  Children should not be on any of the equipment at any time without the direct supervision of an instructor. **There is a late pick up fee if there is a continued issue for not picking up your child within 10 minutes after class.

 Viewing Area

Parents and siblings must remain in the viewing area.  Not only is it for insurance reasons but primarily for safety issues. Parents, please also refrain from coaching or disciplining your children while they are in class.

 Class Size

We strive to keep the learning environment at its maximum, so we provide and 8 to 1 ratio for development classes and a 6 to 1 ratio for preschool.  At times classes may be higher due to scheduled make-ups.


Tuition is based on 52 weeks a year and broken into 12 monthly payments. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. A credit card must be kept on file for billing. If you wish to pay before your payment is drafted you may do so. If payment is not made by the 5th of each month a $20 late fee will be applied.


Always check the calendar or Facebook for up to date closure information.

Dec. 31- Jan.1 New Year

May 25 – 27 Memorial Day

July 3-6 4th of July

August 31 – Sept. 2 Labor Day

Oct. 31 Gym closed afternoon/evening for Halloween

Nov. 27-30 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 23-26 Christmas Break

Dress Code

  • Girls Gymnastics: A one-piece leotard is required for girls (no skirts attached).
  • Boys Gymnastics: Snug-fitting T-shirt and shorts.
  • Feet: Gymnastics shoes or bare feet are required. Younger students may wear gripper socks. *Please note: if your child has any warts or open wounds, please cover them. If you need assistance, please ask the front desk. No street shoes in the gymnastics areas.
  • Hair: Hair must be secured away from the face. If your child’s hair can interfere with their vision, it needs to be pulled back.
  • For all programs: No jeans or jean shorts, and no footed tights. Please have your child remove all jewelry before class starts. Jewelry can easily get caught on something and be broken or cause injury. Children will be asked to remove any jewelry they wear into the gym. Premier is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Preschoolers: Must be potty-trained before enrolling. Parents are expected to clean up any accidents that happen in class before child returns.