Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Parent-Tot 10:30-11:15am/Tracye 5:30-6:15pm/Mark
Turbo Tots 3yrs  9:30-10:30am/Tracye 9:30-10:30am/Jo  5:00-6:00pm/Bailey 10:05-11:05am/Sam
Fab 4’s 10:30-11:30am/Allic 5:00-6:00pm/Kat 6:15-7:15pm/Tracye 5:05-6:05pm/Katie/ Kylie 10:05-11:05am/Bella/ Bailey
Boys  Superheros   4 & 5yrs 9:30-10:30am/Ryan 4:30-5:30pm/Mark
Mighty Mights 5yrs 6:00-7:00pm/ Kylla 6:05-7:05pm/Kat   5:00-6:00pm/Kat 9:00-10:00am/Bella
Beginner Girls 6-9 yrs 6:05-7:05pm/Katie  4:30-5:30pm/Arelia   5:35-6:35pm/Arelia 5:00-6:00pm/Kylie F 4:00-5:00pm/Katie 5:00-6:00pm/Arelia 6:00-7:00pm/Katie 9:00-10:00am/Sav/Kyle
Beginner Girls 9-12 yrs 5:00-6:00pm/Katie 4:30-5:30pm/Jess
Beginner Boys  5:30-6:30pm/Mark 4:30-5:30pm/Mark
Intermediate Girls 5:15-7:15pm/Brittani 5:30-7:30pm/Katie 4:30-6:30pm/Katie 5:00-7:00pm/Arelia  6:05-8:05pm/Kat  6:00-8:00pm/Taylor 9:00-11:00am/Taylor/Kat
Intermediate Boys  5:00-7:00pm/Ryan
Advanced Girls 4:15-6:15pm/Sav 6:00-8:00pm/Kylla 9:00-11:00am/Danika
Advanced Boys 5:00-7:00pm/Ryan
Pre-Team  5:00-8:00pm/Danika 5:00-8:00pm/Danika
 Homeschool Open Gym  11:30-1:30pm  Be sure to check calendar for Closures
High School/Adult Class   Sunday                       5:30-6:30pm                $6.00 drop in              Check calendar for closures
 Saturday Open Workouts $10 drop in, or make-ups  For currently enrolled Beginners – Advanced 11:00-1:00pm
Team Classes Invitation only*
Cheer Level 1 & 2  4:15-6:45pm Level 3    5:30-8:30pm Level 1 & 2 4:15-6:45pm Level 3  5:30-8:30pm
Boys Avengers*  4:00-5:30pm/Owen  4:00-5:30pm/Owen
Sparklers* 10:00-11:30am/Tana 4:30-6:00pm/Brit 10:00-11:30am/Tana 4:30-6:00pm/Brit
Firecrackers*  4:15-6:45pm/Sav  4:15-6:45pm/Sav
Dynamites*  4:30-8:00pm/Tana  4:30-8:00pm/Tana
Xcel Bronze/Silver*  4:30-8:00pm/Silver 4:30-7:30pm/Bronze  4:30-8:00pm/Silver 4:30-7:30pm/Bronze
Xcel Gold/Platinum/Diam.* 4:30-8:30pm/Plat. Dia  4:30-8:30pm/Gold 4:30-8:30pm/Plat. Dia  4:30-8:30pm/Gold  4:30-8:30pm/Gold/Plat. Dia
Level 3* 4:30-8:30pm 4:30-8:30pm
Level 4* 4:30-8:30pm 4:30-8:30pm  4:30-8:30pm
Level 5* 4:30-8:30pm 4:30-8:30pm 4:30-8:30pm 4:30-8:30pm
Level 6/7* 3:30-8:00pm 3:30-8:00pm  3:30-8:00pm/Optional 3:30-8:00pm 3:30-8:00pm 9:00-1:00pm
Levels 8-10 2:45-7:15pm 2:45-7:15pm 2:45-7:15pm 2:45-7:15pm 2:45-7:15pm 9:00-1:00pm
Boys Team 3:45-6:45pm/Lv 5/6 5:30-9:00pm/Opt 3:45-6:30pm/Lv 4       5:30-7:30pm/Opt 3:45-7:150pm/Lv 5/6    7:00-9:00am/Opt        5:30-7:30pm/Opt 3:45-6:30pm/Lv 4    5:30-9:00pm/Opt 3:45-6:45pm/Lv 5/6  4:15-6:45pm/Opt
 Preschool Open Gym 18mon.-6yrs.  Be sure to check our calendar for closures 11:30-1:30pm  $7.00 for members     $8.00 for non-members 11-1:00pm

*Team classes are by invitation only